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Finger Joint Pine

Finger Joint Pine (FJP) consists of small pieces of scrap wood that are recycled and jointed together to create longer, consistent lengths allowing for less joints at the time of installation. The advantages to FJP are the workability, its ability to hold a nail and probably the most important, the personal preference for real wood. FJP is commonly used in mouldings and trim as well as window and door components. McIlveen stocks a variety of FJP products in both Raw and Primed and flat finish S4S, door jambs and moulded profiles such as baseboard and window & door casing. Please CONTACT US and request more info about our:

i)      Flat Jamb

ii)     Rabbeted Jamb

iii)    Brickmould

iv)     Mouldings

v)      S4S

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