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Fir / Hemlock

Hemlock-Fir, also referred to as Hem-Fir, is basically a mixture of two species, Western Hemlock and Amabilis Fir . This combination species has brought it to the forefront of the world’s best lumber species for building purposes.

Hem-Fir is a strong and hard species of wood, and can provide astounding bending strength, stiffness, and rigidity. While resistant to decay and very easy to treat, Hem-Fir dries slowly, contains no pitch, holds its shape well during the drying process and exhibits little tendency to check, split or shake. The wood also has a tendency to machine well, allowing smooth finishes and glues easily. It is easy to fasten given its high nail/screw-holding ability, and it can accept virtually all types of paints and stains.

While Hem-Fir is common in construction applications, it is also very popular in joinery and millwork projects. McIlveen Lumber is proof of this as it sees a significant reception in the Industrials division to the usage of this species given its fastener absorption, durability, light colour, and notable acceptance to finishes and stains.

Other applications include major outdoor commercial projects such as the construction of infrastructures (bridges, pads), timber construction, decking, indoor AND outdoor hardscapes and more. Generally, Hem-Fir is a less costly option to Western Red Cedar and/or composites and other wood alternatives. Try Hem-Fir for a clear, lush surface and excellent functionality and flexibility.

McIlveen Lumber provides Hem-Fir in a wide variety of finishes and grades including clears S4S and rough. Also available as paneling, flooring and decking. Contact one of McIlveen Lumber’s experiences salespeople to order your stock or special order today.

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