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Pine / Spruce

Ponderosa & Lodgepole Pine are softwoods with a light texture and typically straight, uniform grain. These wood species are highly sought after for their fine appearance and exceptional workability. Because of their workability and their exceptional adaptability to finish treatments, Ponderosa & Lodgepole Pine are one of the top choices for projects such as furniture, fine cabinetry, children’s toys, window and door components, and various interior finishing projects. Our Spruce lumber possesses some of the characteristics above at a much less cost. McIlveen selects a higher grade to run custom profiles like Log Cabin Siding and some Tongue & Groove products. McIlveen stocks a wide array of grades, finishes, dimensions and profiles. Please browse our list below and CONTACT US for more info.

ii)       S4S

iii)     Panelling

iv)     Flooring

v)      Log Cabin Siding

vi)     Decking

vii)   Handrail

viii)  Balusters

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